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  • Emerald Park 30 The Chase (West)
  • Emerald Hill, Harare
  • +263 (0) 4 332 590-3

Who are we?

Zimplat's business is production of platinum group metals from the Great Dyke in Zimbabwe.


Our vision is to be the best platinum company producing in excess of a million platinum ounces per annum whilst generating superior returns for the benefit of our shareholders, employees and Zimbabwe .


We will achieve our Mission and Vision through purposeful and focused attention on the:

  • Extraction of mineral resources in a socially and environmentally friendly manner
  • Safety and health of all our employees and visitors at the workplace
  • Achievement of production targets through the effective and efficient utilisation of all resources at our disposal
  • Establishment of effective systems and processes throughout the value chain to achieve cost and technological leadership in the industry
  • Capability development, recognition and appropriate reward to our human resources
  • Aggressive implementation of projects to achieve organic growth targets on budget.


  • Zimplats is a member of the Impala Group of Companies. (Impala held 87% of Zimplats shares by June 2009)
  • The company holds approximately two thirds of the Hartley Complex which is the largest of the platinum hosting centres of the Great Dyke
  • This asset positions Zimplats as an important developing supplier of platinum.
  • Zimplats has the potential to grow into a major player in the platinum industry.

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The geologist and explorer Dr. Carl Mauch first recorded the Great Dyke in 1867, but it was not until around 1918 that the presence of platinum, along with nickel and copper, was noted in the rocks of the Great Dyke.

The 2.6 billion-year-old Great Dyke is a sinuous, layered, mafic-ultramafic intrusion, which is 550km long with a width ranging between 4km and 11km.

The Great Dyke consists of four geological complexes (from north to south) - Musengezi, Hartley, Selukwe, and Wedza. The Hartley Complex is by far the largest and contains approximately 80% of Zimbabwe's total PGM resources. The Hartley Complex is some 90km in length and is comparable in size to the western lobe of the Bushveld Igneous Complex in South Africa, the source of most of the world's PGM production.