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  • 43 MerchantHouse Cnr 2nd street / R. Manyika Second floor, suite 201,
  • Harare, Zimbabwe
  • 0263
  • +263 772 488 810

Who are we?

Zimconserve exists to increase food security, alleviate poverty and conserve the environment in Zimbabwe through the promotion of agroforestry. This is achieved with innovative projects in partnership with organisations, government, business and local communities. The organization mainly operates in peri-­‐urban districts on the outskirts of Harare. These areas have large numbers of newly developed subsistence family plots on subdivided ex-­‐white farms and are characterized by high levels of unemployment and crime. These areas are also resource poor with dwindling firewood supplies, poor agricultural productivity and limited access to clean and reliable water. These challenges are just some of the glaring ongoing issues affecting households in the districts. ZimConserve aims to address these specific needs and related issues through the coordination of income generation projects such as nurseries, beekeeping, agroforestry, woodcarving,fish farming,rocket stoves and the art

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