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SkyJuice Foundation

  • Level 15, 3 Spring Street
  • Sydney, NSW
  • 2000
  • +61 2 9252 4420

Who are we?

The SkyJuice™ Foundation was incorporated in Sydney in 2005 as a not for profit charitable organisation. The SkyJuice™ Foundation is governed by 8 Founding Members who are responsible for ensuring that the Foundation adheres to the Rules and Objectives as set out in the Articles of Association. The members' diverse range of skills and expertise ensure that the Foundation is fiscally and socially responsible whilst staying true to the goal of providing safe water for every child.


The objectives of the SkyJuice™ Foundation Inc are:

  • To assist, provide, consult and supply potable water solutions to developing communities, countries and donor organisations with a view to the immediate and medium term requirements of those individuals, communities and organisations
  • To support, assist, train and advise organisations with technical, social and other aspects for sustainable clean, safe potable water solutions
  • Foster and develop programmes to ensure the children of any country or community can have access to affordable potable water based on equitable and sustainable practices
  • Work with stakeholders (donor individuals/organisations, aid organisations, government, individuals, community groups) with a view to promote, establish and deliver direct and indirect potable water solutions or outcomes
  • Lobby government, non government, individuals and other relevant groups to take necessary means to provide safe, pure and affordable potable water to every child and community
  • To work within a pro-active and mutual framework with all stakeholders to ensure mutually beneficial outcomes can be achieved in co-operative pragmatic and economical manner
  • To promote and organise sustainable water solutions associated with target countries and communities that include potable water, effluent reuse and overall water management
  • Raise income through donations, gifts and direct revenue generation activities to support all of the above mentioned activities
  • The assets and income of the Foundation shall be applied solely for the furtherance of the above mentioned objectives and no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to the members except as a bona fide compensation for services rendered or expenses paid on behalf of the Foundation

Recent Activity

May 01

David Richards @SkyJuice Foundation: This looks like a very worthy non-profit. Looking forward to heaing more of their success and their needs

5 years ago • 1 comment

Mark Greeff photo

Mark Greeff @SkyJuice Foundation in reply to David Richards: I agree David, will forward you more details shortly.

5 years ago

Gareth Trollope @SkyJuice Foundation contributed to the wiki Profile Message

5 years ago

Gareth Trollope @SkyJuice Foundation contributed to the wiki Profile Spotlight

5 years ago

Organization Information

  • Contact Information:
  • Founded: 2005
  • Headquarters: Sydney, Australia

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