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Gogo Sekai, I continue to read your piece over and over again as I have found it helps me grieve over my mum's loss. In addition to that it has provided me with insight and answers to some silent questions I have held for long e.g. why did the Kanhutu and Muchedzi move to an area like Mt Darwin? What pushed or pulled them there, especially with all the scorching heat there?

And then the other insight is to do with how my parents met and all that happened soon after. I guess, for me, I have always been curious to know or better hear this bit about my parents's first meeting, but I have been shy and somewhat uncomfortable to ask them, or anyone, about that. It's one of those things one secretly wants to know but never shows it or feels a bit embarrased about it, if you know what I mean.

And to see you with your teacher - my father - chat and even go for a drink together, a day after burial, I guess you were doing your 'research'.

So, thanks for the enlightenment.

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