Labyrinth Consulting

How can we achieve more effective and systemic social change?

There is ever-increasing demand to improve the quality, impact and delivery of development services so as to achieve more effective social change. We believe REAL social advancement is possible by transforming relationships between development partners and constituents. We facilitate this through deep change processes that engage hearts AND minds.

What Labyrinth Consulting offers

Together with we create social advancement through these services:

·Articulation / clarification of your organisation’s Theory of Change and Vision of Success

·Design and implementation of Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation systems

·Design and facilitation of Change Management processes

·Facilitation of social processes, and dialogue on complex issues/community development

·Research (separate to M&E) that involves analysis, diagnosis and dialogue

Labyrinth Consulting’s approach

The name, Labyrinth, was chosen to communicate that we take both a purposeful and fluid path to transforming development relationships for the better. A labyrinth is a single path (easily navigated unlike a maze) that guides a process of discovery to advancement (enlightenment). Our work processes are guided by our values:

·Relate - Really engage with people, as relationships are the glue that holds everything together across human communities.

·Reflect - Being deeply mindful and open to what emerges.

·Learn - Grow from experience, feedback, mistakes and contrasts.

·Co-create - Challenge and play with possibilities to craft something better.

What makes Labyrinth different?

Our intention. We are purpose-driven which means:

·Our team of founders services clients – we don’t pass you on to juniors.

·All our services are contextualised by the bigger picture of creating social advancement. Purpose comes before profit (although we would like to earn a living).

·We encourage and facilitate co-learning for all constituents, even those not directly involved in the process.