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Are you a Zimbabwean or linked to Zimbabweans in the Diaspora? Are you interested in making a difference? If so please join this forum and contribute.

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December 06

sandra mlambo @Diasporan Connect Zimbabwe: silence will not develop our nation, is the current inactivvity on this platform because you all have given up?

4 years ago

March 23

Fungai Nzenza @Diasporan Connect Zimbabwe contributed to the wiki Profile Message

5 years ago

March 21

Adam Shand @Diasporan Connect Zimbabwe: That's much better but stress also using the platform as a means of connecting to family community and country. I liked the logo DB, and I think we should avoid too many flags, or any in fact.

5 years ago • 1 comment

Mark Greeff photo

Mark Greeff @Diasporan Connect Zimbabwe in reply to Adam Shand: Adam , I Agree. Good progress Fungai

5 years ago

Adam Shand @Diasporan Business Development Forum: I think we also need to stress our apolitical stance. "On the brink of significant change" has a political ring to it which might divert from the message. Let's have a chat on skype if you're free now

5 years ago

Adam Shand @Diasporan Business Development Forum: Bringing people into contact with resources for engagement with microfinance efforts by CBOs and partners. Great writing by the way Fungai. I'm very impressed.

5 years ago

March 21

Fungai Nzenza @Diasporan Business Development Forum contributed to the wiki Profile Spotlight

5 years ago

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To Develop links between Zimbabwean's in the Diaspora with Developmental work on the grown.

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Zimbabwe is on the move again. There is strong potential amongst it's people, in particular those in the Diaspora. The next stage involves the Reconnecting and helping the creation of sustainable jobs and wealth through the creation of new companies and projects. Entrepreneurship is the future and highly-skilled and passionate expatriates are required to participate in aiding the development.

Whether to create or develop new start ups, investing, encouraging and helping local entrepreneurs by providing guidance, mentoring and providing international connections. The talents of the Zimbabwean diaspora can play a major role in development of our Country.


  • Reconnect Zimbabweans in the Diaspora with Communities and Groups who are doing the developmental work on the ground.
  • Develop business partnerships between the Zimbabwean start-ups with investors/entrepreneurs from the diaspora.
  • Develop awarness and networks between Zimbabwean projects and businesses with professional Zimbabweans in the diaspora.
  • Mentor, Train and Inspire communites and groups in Zimbabwe by providing coaching and resources from the Diaspora.
  • Highlight the assets and the potential of Zimbabwean Business and People inside and outside showing the depth of talent available to encourage such businesses to become Direct or Portfolio Investors in the country.
  • Get Zimbabweans Connecting.

So we need you to engage on various levels as to what services, tools and projects to better engage the diaspora with local enterprise and more importantly local development? That is the purpose of this forum.