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Zimbabwe Connect is a network of individuals and organisations committed to the development of Zimbabwe and the empowerment of its people.

This is a non-partisan place, a platform that community-based organisations (CBOs) working together for the future of Zimbabwe can use to share their stories with the world.

For our international members, Zimbabwe Connect is a means of connecting with the best and brightest of the nation's development and technical specialists.

We believe in a strong integrated role for local and international business in the development story. Hand-outs from aid agencies will never lead our people out of poverty.

The success of foreign investors in Zimbabwe will be determined by their willingness to accept the principle of indigenisation in their operations. To achieve this, foreign capital must also connect with the communities they seek to do business with. This is the venue for that discussion.

Zimbabwe needs strong CBOs that can form equitable partnerships with funding bodies and sponsors. Donors need accountability and transparency. It’s only with trust that these objectives can be attained.

Zimbabwe Connect brings people together to share their aspirations, experiences and new ways of doing business. It will give the people on the ground a voice and a choice in determining their own futures.

It will also enable foreign investors in Zimbabwe to connect with resources and communities to foster long term partnerships in line with national development goals.

This is the African century and Zimbabwe is set to play its part. Please join the conversation.

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